But, He And Archer Suggest In The Paper, Hyperpartisan Local News Sites Could Be A Future Area Of Focus.

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illustration of several types of dinosaurs exploring a habitat with a lake and trees amid rain The core contained four distinct layers of sediments that included volcanic ash that the team dated to between 234 million and 232 million years ago, matching the timing of the Carnian Pluvial Episode. Within those layers, the team also found mercury, a proxy for volcanic eruptions. “Mercury entered the lake from a mix of atmospheric pollution, volcanic ash and also being washed in from surrounding land that had elevated levels of mercury from volcanism,” Hilton says. The rock record from 234 million to 232 million years ago, captured in these cores from an ancient lakebed in northern China, shows signs of wet weather almost everywhere. The cores also show evidence of volcanic activity.  Further evidence for the link between volcanism and environmental change during the Carnian Pluvial Episode came from corresponding layers in the core that showed different types of carbon, indicating four massive releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Finally, microfossils and pollens changed within the same core section, from species that prefer drier climates to ones that tend to grow in warm and humid climates.

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When he reached the MHAfred HelpLine, the young man he spoke with calmly said, “Sir, I’m here to help you, and we’re going to find somebody for you.” OShields, who felt like he was at the end of his rope, found himself being “talked off the ledge,” just as he had done to others during his law enforcement career. “If there are soldiers out there, if there are law enforcement out there, if there are civilians out there who have mental health challenges, they need to call these people,” OShields said. “I don’t think people know they’re out there because they don’t show up on any searches.” The person who helped OShields was Dane DiEugenio, an intern who’s since gone back to classes at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. During the summer, he wasn’t the only new face at the agency that has supported local mental wellness since 1955. When the pandemic began, every person on staff, except one, left for various reasons, including health concerns for themselves or their families. Barb Barlow took over as executive director and started filling positions and looking for new ways to meet the growing mental-health crisis in the community. The shortage of mental health providers isn’t new.


Police said Tuesday that two victims remain hospitalized in intensive care units while two more are in general wards, and all are now in stable condition. The other three victims are recovering at home. “This is really encouraging and positive news,” said assistant commissioner Lauano Sue Schwalger. Samsudeen arrived in New Zealand ten years ago from Sri Lanka on a student visa and later claimed refugee status. He was first jailed in 2017 after he tried to fly to Syria to join the Islamic State insurgency. He was held on various charges including fraud and distributing restricted material after police found Islamic State videos and a hunting knife at his apartment. He pleaded guilty to five charges in June 2018 and was released because of the time he’d already served. Six weeks later, he was jailed again on new charges and remained in prison until July of this year. He spent his final year in the maximum security Auckland Prison with a small number of other prisoners identified as posing “extreme risk.” Rachel Leota, the national commissioner at the Department of Corrections, said Samsudeen would often abuse staff and there had been multiple times when he’d thrown feces and urine at them or threatened violence.

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“It’s hard to say how the study’s findings would translate to today’s landscape,” Darr said. But, he and Archer suggest in the paper, hyperpartisan local news sites could be a future area of focus. Future research could examine if newspaper content—in print and online—shifts to retain or attract new audiences following a gubernatorial transition. In-depth interviews or surveys of editors and journalists could also be conducted to assess news professionals’ awareness of these dynamics. And as the local media landscape continues to become more populated with partisan news websites , future work examining how state-level elections affect consumption of these local partisan outlets will be needed. Photo by Anke Van Boxstael used under a Creative Commons license. Chakradhar, Shraddha. "Tuning out after your party wins: Local election results and local news consumption are linked, a study finds." Nieman Journalism Lab. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 30 Sep.