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In the Māori village of Whakarewarewa, cooking in hot springs is a traditional way of life. The guide uniforms became so fancy that they almost looked like airline crew. And you were proud to wear your uniform about town, and everyone knew where you worked as soon as you walked into the room.  Business aside, when you strip everything right back, tourism is truly about people. You can find spectacular scenery almost anywhere but you won’t find spectacular people everywhere. That’s why our grandmothers, those early pioneers, recognized the sharing of culture was what was truly important. A bold move when the easy option would be to simply focus on these strange geological phenomena spouting hot water into the air. We share our you can try here stories every day with the world. We share our tales of forbidden lovers who changed the face of our tribe. We share tales of great adventures of our ancestors who outwitted their opponents with their great wits and resourcefulness. [Education]

We need changes on the ground. We need this problem to be taken seriously because we can’t afford to lose any more lives.” An Ipsos poll published on Wednesday showed the Liberals, led by current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Conservatives led by leader Erin O’Toole to be in a “dead heat” in the federal race. They were both predicted to win 32 percent of the decided national popular vote, with the New Democratic Party (NDP) coming in third place, receiving 21 percent of the vote. The NCCM said the current Liberal government has acted to address Islamophobia by taking a stronger stance on dismantling white supremacist groups, but some gaps still need to be addressed. The council noted that none of the federal leaders in the run-up to elections has committed to fighting Quebec’s Bill 21 in court. The bill, adopted in 2019, bans some civil servants including teachers, police officers and government lawyers, from wearing religious symbols at work (such as the hijab, kippah or turban). When the moderator asked Yves Francois Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Quebecois why his party “supports these discriminatory laws” such as Bill 21, during the televised leaders’ debate last week, the question was met with a flurry of criticism. From left to right: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau,  NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole take part in a debate in Gatineau, Canada [Adrian Wyld/Pool via Reuters] All three major federal leaders called for an apology from the consortium of media broadcasters, calling the question on Quebec’s secularism law offensive and unfair. Mustafa Farooq, CEO of NCCM told Al Jazeera all three major leaders have sacrificed “principles for political expediency”. “The fact that anyone asked for an apology because someone has the temerity to ask a question about a bill that is discriminatory on its faith, is mind-boggling to me,” Farooq said. The NCCM said on Twitter : “We cannot be serious about tackling Islamophobia but not commit to tackling second-class citizenship on the books for Muslims who choose to wear the hijab in Quebec.” The Conservative Party of Canada has said it is committed to fighting online incitement to harm, but there is no mention of Islamophobia or racism in their entire platform, the council said.

The Miami Dolphins are struggling to stay afloat right now with a 1-3 record following a loss to the previously winless Indianapolis Colts , according to USA TODAY writer Nate Davis’ weekly power rankings. Brian Flores’ team has dropped to 26th in this week’s rankings after being 21st after their Week 3 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Miami is currently surrounded by teams that aren’t exactly the company they’d like to be mentioned with. The Falcons are ranked just below them at 27th, and the Bears are just two spots ahead at 24th. Atlanta continues to struggle with first-year head coach Arthur Smith and rookie tight end Kyle Pitts, while Chicago’s head coach Matt Nagy can’t seem to get out of his own way. Unfortunately, that’s where the Dolphins find themselves. They’re not at the very bottom of the league, but they haven’t played inspiring football to this point. “Their next three games are in Florida – Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami – though it’s worth noting Fins haven’t won in the Sunshine State since December.” The Dolphins are traveling to play Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champions coming in Week 5, so there isn’t much belief that they’ll move up in the rankings. With the addition of veteran center Austin Reiter, and the eventual return of Tua Tagovailoa from injury, there’s some hope, but, in the short-term, it’s not looking good.